I first started graphic designing in highschool. I've come a long way since highschool, and so have my abilites. I've worked with several clients to bring ideas from rough draft to final. I'm happy when my clients are happy.


I have created several 2D architectural renderings from floorplans over the course of my career. I've always done 3D animation, but 3D rendering was a skilled I learned from a long time colleague and friend. Being able to tackle 2D and 3D is a level of versatility that seperates myself from the herd.


Although my first love was not web design, I've become a formidable CSS slayer and HTML scribe. I first started web designing about six years ago and I hit the ground running. There's something about getting HTML, CSS and Jquery to play nice together that makes me feel complete.


All I wanted to do while growing up was to draw. I've been serious about illustrating since the day I realized that people have five fingers. I've started digitally drawing portraits and comic pages, and so far it's been a lot of fun.


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